Grass Roots

Grassroots Efforts

The VFW Action Corps is our national grassroots advocacy network comprised of more than 300,000 VFW members and patriotic supporters of veterans. This group stays up-to-date on the issues facing our veterans, our military and their families, standing ready to email, write, call and visit our nation’s lawmakers to make their voices heard. The VFW Action Corps is free and open to all patriotic Americans who care about the military and veterans’ communities.

Join the VFW Action Corps today and add your voice to the thousands of veterans’ advocates making a difference every day, and if you’re already a member of the VFW Action Corps, encourage your friends and neighbors to join the effort!

Participants receive:

  • The VFW Action Corps Weekly, an easy-to-read electronic newsletter that highlights the VFW’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.
  • Immediate access to a nationwide database of contact information for all elected officials, a congressional directory.
  • Regular VFW “Action Alerts” on how to get involved when our nation’s veterans, service members and their families need their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

The VFW Action Corps is what gives the VFW its strength in advocating for our nation’s heroes. Working hand-in-hand with the VFW’s National Legislative Service -- whose office is in eye-shot of the Capitol dome in Washington -- members of the VFW Action Corps are armed with all of the tools and information they need to help the VFW in its mission to support our nation’s veterans.

Our Recent Legislative Victories Include:

  • Accomplished the longtime goal to eliminate the “Widow’s Tax” –– a dollar-for-dollar offset that prevented surviving military spouses from receiving both Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) payments from the Department of Defense, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Now, 65,000 survivors will be able to receive the benefits their spouses earned and paid for, without the unjust SBP-DIC offset.
  • Worked to enact the Forever GI Bill – the most significant upgrade to veterans’ education benefits in nearly a decade. The beefed-up Post-9/11 GI Bill now ensures veterans who attend schools that close are able to accomplish their educational goals, reservists receive the educational benefits they have earned, and future veterans will truly have a lifetime to use their guaranteed education benefits.
  • Secured passage of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, which restored benefits to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange while serving in the offshore waters of Vietnam, expanded benefits for veterans exposed to Agent Orange while serving along the Korean DMZ, and provided benefits to children born with spina bifida due to a parent’s exposure to Agent Orange in Thailand.
  • Championed the passage of the VA MISSION Act to improve VA’s ability to hire high-quality health care professionals, streamline community care programs, expand caregiver benefits to pre-9/11 veterans and create a process to examine VA’s capital infrastructure to better serve veterans.
  • Secured passage of the VA Accountability Act of 2017, which authorizes VA to quickly discipline employees who endanger the lives of veterans, while protecting brave whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing and wrongdoers.
  • Stopped harmful proposals that would have balanced the budget on the backs of veterans, like efforts to eliminate individual unemployability benefits for retirement-aged veterans and TRICARE enrollment fee increases.
  • Testified before Congress more than 30 times on issues ranging from eliminating sequestration to improving access to high-quality health care, fully funding VA and DOD programs and services, expanding caregiver benefits for pre-9/11 veterans, eliminating the survivor benefit plan offset, expanding toxic-exposure benefits to Blue Water Navy and Korean DMZ veterans, as well as for those who stored, transported or used such substances in other areas, among many other issues and topics.