The Veterans' Voice

We are the voice that represents veterans everywhere and defends their rights and benefits. Our representatives stand for veterans every time.


The VFW is one of the most respected voices in Washington, D.C., and within local governments across America. We advocate for justice for our nation's veterans, service members and military families on an array of issues and continue to be the voice for veterans everywhere. We regularly testify before Congress, meet with elected officials and rally our national network of VFW members and patriotic supporters to ensure our lawmakers put veterans first. When those who've served their country and those that support them stand together, we can not be ignored.

Legislative Priorities

We don’t wait to hear how legislation will affect veterans, service members and their families; we help shape it from the beginning. We actively lobby Congress and the administration on current veterans' issues and needs.

National Security & Foreign Affairs

We fought in uniform to keep our country safe. Today, we continue that fight through our National Security and Foreign Affairs (NS&FA) program. Simply put, NS&FA works to maintain the integrity of our great nation.

Women Veterans

Ensuring women veterans receive benefits and services that honor their brave military service is one of the VFW’s top priorities. With the steady increase of women wearing our nation’s uniform, it has never been more important to ensure women veterans have a VA that is ready and able to care for them.

Grassroots Efforts

The VFW’s Action Corps is the VFW's grassroots lobbying effort. Located in communities across the globe, this group work to inform and educate veterans and service members on the initiatives and policies that affect them and take the voice of veterans to local, state and national lawmakers.

VA Health Care Watch

We consistently monitor veterans' experiences with the VA health care system and deliver veterans' feedback directly to VA officials in order to implement new programs and methods to ensure America's veterans receive the top quality care they deserve.