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Keep up-to-date on how the VFW is working across America to improve the quality of life for veterans, service members and their families, and to improve communities worldwide.

News & Publications

From VFW Posts supporting their local communities, to one-of-a-kind assistance programs and services designed to help service members, veterans and their families, when you think of the voice for veterans - you think of the VFW. Everyday, we're on Capitol Hill and out in communities across the globe ensuring your voice is heard - that your story is being told. If you want to know what we've done lately, here's your chance to read about everything we've been busy working on.

Press Room

Out in the field, we're busy fighting to ensure veterans like you get the benefits you've earned and deserve. Here's where you can read about the important military and veteran issues we've been advocating for, and the ways we've been actively supporting our military and veteran family, and local communities recently.

VFW Post Pride

Look for #VFWPostPride on social media and you'll see examples of the hard work and support that have made VFW Posts the pillars of communities for more than 118 years. From coordinating welcome home celebrations and community picnics, to building playgrounds and organizing clothing drives, No One Does More For Veterans than the VFW.

VFW Magazine

With a circulation of 1.3 million, the official VFW magazine has been the voice of the overseas war veteran for more than a century. In November 1904, the first issue of the magazine's predecessor publication appeared for members of a fledgling organization called the American Veterans of Foreign Service.


Highlighting the amazing work the VFW does at all levels, Checkpoint is an award-winning newsletter published six times a year. It provides VFW Department, District and Post leaders with a more comprehensive and unique understanding of the organization.

Chief's Corner

Stay up-to-date through real-time photos, videos and information illustrating the vital work of the VFW leadership team as they travel among local communities and abroad in support of veterans, service members and their families.


With all the latest details and helpful information on upcoming national events like our annual Legislative Conference and VFW National Convention easily found here, you won't miss a thing.